The Brand

Atelier Aliénor offers timeless espadrilles for women. They are made in the south of France with the most premium materials and finest craftsmanship.

Atelier Aliénor was launched in 2017 with the ambition of making high quality espadrilles available at a fair price and celebrating French savoir-faire.
We sought out factories in France that have grown through generations with expertise and that share our dedication to protect the environment.

The classic design of the espadrille was revisited with finely curated lines, feminine details and premium materials to offer our customers the finest shoes. We source the most gorgeous leather from a family-owned tannery in the south of France that works with the world’s most luxury couture ateliers.

Passionate people, natural materials, handcrafted processes… At Atelier Aliénor, we like finding beauty in authenticity.

With our heart and with our hands.

The Founder & Designer


My name is Laurie Cazaux, I am from the south of France.

Back in 2016, I was living in Paris and just got back from my maternity leave. I had been working for 6 years in finance and this break made me realize I was ready for a new chapter. A more creative one that would resonate with who I am and what’s important to me. I felt the need to go back to my roots and create with my own hands.

To me, espadrilles are more than shoes. They are a promise of an endless summer, tanned feet and romantic escapes. I have always been a dreamer. And I believe that dreams are meant to come true.
Atelier Aliénor is one of mine.

“Nothing is more precious than a unique thing.”  Gabriel Girard

Our Products

Our espadrilles are made in small batches and handcrafted by talented and passionate craftsmen exclusively in France.
We believe the people behind the product determine the quality of products and the experience that comes with buying and wearing them.

Our artisans have an attention to detail and use the saddle stitching technique that makes the espadrilles durable through the seasons. Every pair takes about an hour to be crafted while it takes only five minutes with a machine. Our sole is entirely formed from jute for comfort and long lasting use.

The exquisite leather we use comes from a French tannery that shares our values of craftsmanship, traditions and sustainability. The tannery only uses skins that are byproducts of the food industry. No animal is sacrificed for its skin, we just use what would be otherwise a waste.

The tannery is deeply concerned about environmental protection. That’s why it invested in a full pre-biological and physical-chemical treatment station and is continually researching cleaner production techniques.

Our Name

An Atelier is the French word for craft workshop.
Atelier Aliénor is proud to promote the talent of the artisans who make our shoes.
They have been crafting espadrilles with passion for generations in Aquitaine, south west part of France. We work closely together to ensure exceptional quality.

Aliénor is a famous name in the South West with reference to Aliénor of Aquitaine, Queen of France in the Middle Ages.
Adventurous and ambitious, passionate about politics and arts, she is one of History’s most powerful woman.

We all have a little of Aliénor in us!