Lavender leather ecofriendly espadrilles from Atelier Alienor

Espadrilles are the quintessence summer shoes that look great with everything from an elegant dress to a cut-off jeans. Discover why you should choose Atelier Alienor’s espadrilles.


Designed in Paris

The 2017 collection was designed in Paris and deeply inspired by the effortless chic style of « la Parisienne ».

If you’ve ever been to the city of light, you may have noticed that flat shoes are Parisienne’s best friend. Not only because they want to survive the cobblestone streets of Paris, but also because they like to keep it simple and chic.

Inspired by one of the French women’s favorite pairs, the ballet flats, our designer revisited the classic design of espadrille to give it a low-cut. That way, our espadrilles are more flattering and feminine.

Another key to Parisian look is wearing neutral and classic clothing.

That’s why the color theme of our 2017 collection is mostly neutral and pastel. However, our shoes incorporates details like golden threads, iridescent grey leather, silk ribbons, chic silver ankle strap… They will bring a dazzling touch to your outfit!

Made in France

Our shoes are exclusively made by hand in the South of France. And we are proud of it as only 1% of the worldwide production of espadrilles is made in France.


100% Natural Jute Sole

The sole is entirely formed from natural jute while a cheaper, but common alternative consists in gluing the jute around a foam sole.

The authentic espadrille made from jute sole is heavier and built to last while an espadrille with a foam sole will last only a season.

Our espadrilles are the bisected pair on the right:


The espadrilles are made by hand in our Atelier with a special technique, the double stitching method. If a stitch breaks, the second stitch will hold the other stitches in place.

If the espadrille is made with a machine, and if a machine stitch breaks, multiple stitches can unravel and the entire shoe will quickly unravel too.

That’s why we chose a manual production as it makes the espadrille remarkably sturdier than one pair using industrial processes.

Very confortable

We believe that comfort is key for women because of the amount of things they do in their everyday life.

That ‘s why we only work with top quality materials that will adapt to your feet and we added a leather insole in our shoes.

Our darling customers will be able to run all day long with style thanks to theirfeet-friendly espadrilles !


Atelier Alienor was founded on the belief that Style and Sustainability can happily co-exist. That’s why we designed our espadrilles with premium materials & finest craftsmanship, and sustainable practices are incorporated into everything that we do.

But what do we do concretely ? Why do we call our espadrilles « ecofriendly » ?

Fewer but better

Did you know that Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world ? When we became aware of this terrible fact, we knew we had to do something about it. Every little step count and being good to the planet often means starting small. That is why we decided to create Atelier Alienor with Sustainability as one of our core value.

The espadrilles are produced by hand in limited quantities in the South of France. Our Atelier handcrafts from 12 to 18 pairs per day while 700 pairs are produced every day using an industrial production.

With every pair we sold, we help to create a greener world.

Ethically Sourced

The materials we use are high quality, sustainable and derived from eco-conscious processes in the European Union. They meet the safety, ecological & ethical standards in the EU and the US.

We are proud that our espadrilles are ethically manufactured in France with sustainable materials and excellent working conditions in the factory where European Union Trade and Protection Laws are respected.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Last but not least, all of our packaging (shipping box, shoe box, cards, tissue paper, flyers) are made from recycled paper.

The gorgeous cotton bag that comes with every pair is entirely made from organic cotton and is made in the EU.

And of course, it is reusable!



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