The luxury of the handmade


Each stage of the manufacture of the classic espadrille has been revisited to increase comfort and durability.

Welcome to our workshop in the south of France!

The traditional sole… but better!

The jute sole, so characteristic of the espadrille, is made in a small workshop in the Basque Country with precious know-how. The hands of the craftsmen and centuries-old braiding looms will work together to shape it.

In order to improve their comfort and avoid irritation linked to friction of the foot on the jute sole, we have added a leather insole.

This is how we obtain robust, breathable (because they are only made from natural materials) and above all very comfortable soles!

Cutting the leather by hand

The artisan sandalier knows the material perfectly. It is his hand which is the best tool for touching, appreciating, and choosing the most beautiful leather.

Our quality requirements lead us to select only the most noble parts of the leather: those with the most regular grain, the best touch and which will better withstand your thousands of steps.

This is what makes our shoes beautiful and durable.


The leather lining: the remarkable finish

This is the innovation of the year and we are very proud of it!

Since leather is in direct contact with your skin for hours, it is essential that it does not contain any chemicals. This is why we have opted for a vegetable tanned leather lining. It is not only hypoallergenic but it will also absorbs moisture and odors.

The leather lining also allows the espadrilles to texturize them (the leather of the upper being very supple) and ensure that the pair won’t warp after a few wears.

The triple stitching that secures the entire espadrille

The leather of the upper is connected to the rope sole with a special seam. This is carried out by a machine guided by the expert hand of our sandal craftsmen.

The result is a seam that is three times more resistant than usual.

As a result, if the thread should ever break, the entire espadrille would not unravel like most espadrilles.

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