PART 3: How are our espadrilles made?


Now that you know who craft our shoes and what materials we use, it’s time you discover how we make our espadrilles!

Our espadrilles are made mainly by hands and our artisans are crafting them with a depth and delicate attention to details. We consider our shoe-making process as an art involving traditional know-how and expertise. It takes about 45 minutes to craft a pair compared to less than 5 minutes with an industrial production. It is a slower process but it produces a more durable, higher quality espadrilles you’ll be able to wear for years.

Our soles are made in the Basque Country by a very old spinning machines from 1930s. It brings recycled fibers and jute threads into a braid. The jute, that is a natural fiber, is rugged enough for shoe soles and supple enough to be comfortable. Then, the braided rope is curled into the shape of an espadrilles thanks to a hand-operated turntable.


The espadrille rope is pressed, moulded and stitched together to prevent unraveling.

A natural rubber is added to the bottom of the sole by vulcanization. No use of glue or chemicals are needed. The rubber sole allows the espadrille to be more resistant to the wear and tear and protect the jute from the water.
Last, we add a leather inner sole for comfort.

And that’s how you get an authentic, durable and eco-friendly sole!


Our leather is cut by hands with specific tools and sewn to the espadrille with a special stitching technique: knots are made at every steps, which makes the shoes solid and durable.
If the thread that links the upper part and the sole breaks, our shoe will not unravel like any other espadrilles. On the left, I’m showing you an example of what usually happens to an espadrille when the thread breaks. On the right, here is a detailed view of our espadrille:

The one on the left belongs to Adrien, my husband. He bought them before I launched Atelier Aliénor. He’s now very happy to be walking in unique & high quality espadrilles I make especially for him!

Next week, I’ll tell you how to take good care of your espadrilles.
Have a wonderful day,

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