Our French espadrilles are handmade in the Basque country, the cradle of espadrille manufacture.

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Our espadrilles are handmade in the Basque country in the south of France.

The Basque country is a very special place in the southwest part of France with an authentic and unique lifestyle.

It is one of these places where time seems to last longer, where the ocean meets mountains, where surfboards lean against walls of houses, a place where everybody smiles.

Our workshop is located in the country, about an hour from Biarritz. It is one of the last manufactures that still use traditional handmade techniques. It is an art of its own that has almost disappeared due to globalization.

Each stage of the production is performed by hand. It is a slower process but it produces a more durable, higher quality shoe.

Our workshop counts six talented craftsmen under the supervision of Jean-Jacques (who’s been crafting espadrilles for more than 50 years) and his daughter Sandrine. It takes approximately 45 minutes to handcraft a pair of espadrilles while it takes only 5 minutes with a machine.

What are the stages to handcraft an espadrille?

First, our craftsmen put the leather insole on the rope sole for comfort. Then, they prepare the upper part of the espadrille by cutting the leather or canvas with different tools, depending on materials and sizes. Some styles require special treatments such as our black sandals and wedges: the ribbon is lined and sewed with leather to be sturdier. Finally, our seamstresses hand-sew manually the upper part onto the rope sole.

Now, the question that you all have in mind is:

What will the 2018 collection be like?!

As we want you to be a part of our journey from the very beginning, we have taken into account your suggestions and desires for the next collection. That’s why we are excited to announce that our 2018 collection incorporates wedges and more bold colors such as this gorgeous red (a color that the Basque country cherishes as most of the houses there are of that special red).

The 2018 collection will be available very soon… And as always, we’ll keep you posted 💋

Basque country authentic house

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