A sole like no others

Our soles are made from natural fibers and are thicker than usual. Indeed, the braid that forms the sole has twice as many jute threads as the majority of soles.

Made in the Basque Country with natural materials

  • Made using traditional methods in a small family workshop in the Basque Country
  • Raw materials: jute imported from Bangladesh and natural rubber

The benefits of our soles

  • Much more breathable than plastic soles
  • Surprisingly flexible and comfortable
  • Sturdier than ordinary espadrille soles
  • Natural materials only

Watch out for this!


We have nothing to hide … Our soles are made entirely of jute, as you can see on the photo (espadrille on the right). A cheaper but common alternative is to cover a plastic foam sole with a braid of jute that will be glued to it.

How to detect a foam sole? Thanks to the weight of the espadrille that will lasts not even one season!

A leather that has all the attributes of a noble material

Thirty processes – a lot of them are manual processes – are needed to make our leather that soft, supple and resistant.

The exquisite quality of leather guarantees the touch, durability and exceptional visual finish of our espadrilles.

From a unique family-owned tannery in France

  • Comes from a famous French tannery which collaborates with the most luxurious couture brands
  • Raw material: bovine leather from caring farmers in Spain and Switzerland. By-product from the food industry.

The benefits of our leather

  • Supple et velvet touch
  • Unique and beautiful colors
  • Exceptional visual finish
  • No care needed: treated against stains and water repellent

To go further…


It is from the delicate touch and the deep radiance of this material that we find our inspiration and for which we fell in love.

The tannery we partner with has joined the prestigious French certification “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Company) to recognize the excellence of its century-old know-how in leather tanning and finishing.

We have also chosen this tannery for its environmental values as well as for its commitment against animal abuse. Leather is indeed a byproduct from the food industry. Regarding the sourcing, the tannery has selected farmers in Spain and Switzerland known for their caring practices.

Our clean, green and safe leather

The leather of the sole and the inner lining is in direct contact with your skin. It is essential that it does not contain any chemicals. It is a material tanned exclusively with plants (extracts of quebracho, mimosa, chestnut).

Sourced in a highly committed French tannery

  • Comes from a century old French tannery which uses sustainable leather solutions
  • Raw material: vegetable tanned leather from New Zealand

The benefits of the vegetable leather

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Absorbs moisture and bad odors
  • Shape the upper part of the shoe
  • Green and clean: waste reused as natural fertilizers



Our pretty ribbons are woven in France by a manufacture that perpetuates rare know-how.  Like the tannery we partner with, it has been certified Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company).

Together, we searched for the perfect material which needed to be soft, robust and ecological at the same time: linen, which has grown in the North of France was the finest material of all.