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Hello everyone and welcome to this page dedicated to your questions!

We identified in your responses to our survey 10 major topics you’d like us to write about in our next newsletters. By the end of January, you’ll know everything about the brand and our products and you’ll be ready for the launch of our crowdfunding campaign in February!

That said, some of you asked specific questions or questions not related to one of the major topics we just talked about. Since your responses were anonymous, we won’t be able to answer you by email. So we thought we could answer them here.

In case you’d have any other concerns, please leave a comment here!

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YOU: “More about the care for the shoes. I live in a tropical place (the Philippines) but it also rains a lot. So i’m concerned about whether the leather is right for a typical day in the Philippines which could go from hot and sweaty to rainy.”

US: We are located in Houston, TX where the climate is rather tropical as well (a lot of humidity, it is very hot during summer) and the espadrilles are just the perfect shoes for this weather! I wear mine all year round. Since they’re made from natural materials, your feet don’t sweat and there is absolutely no smell. The leather is waterproof and stain-resistant so it doesn’t get damaged by the rain, humidity or anything else. Last, their sole is made from jute, a natural fiber that doesn’t like the rain as it hardens with water. That’s why we added a rubber part to protect the sole from the water. That said, we recommend you don’t jump into a puddle!!

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YOU: “Can the top cloth portion be repaired?”

US: Could you please send us an email with the style of the espadrilles you own? We’ll be able to assist you better depending on the type of cloth. Since we want our espadrilles to be as durable as possible, they have been made exclusively in leather since our 2019 collection.

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YOU: “How to improve delay in delivery after order?”

US: All of our orders are being shipped within 24 hours after being placed on our website. We ship all of our orders with USPS and we offer 2 options at checkout: Priority mail (between 3 to 7 business days) and Priority Mail Express that is more expensive and takes between 1 to 3 days to deliver a package. Unfortunately, we are unable to influence the delivery time.

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YOU: “I have the espadrilles with the silver ankle band… would love to be able to change and switch that one Merci!”

US: You’ll be able to switch your ankle band with two others ankle bands during our crowdfunding campaign. Stay tuned!

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YOU: “I would love it if the espadrilles had better arch support so I could wear them all the time :(”

US: We hear you! We’re going to see with our artisans if we can work on our sole and add arch support. We’ll keep you posted.

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YOU: “Will you ever be available in a store?”

US: We’re currently in Mary & Moss in Houston, TX and we are thinking of collaborating with more stores in the future. Please let us know your favorite stores so we can contact them!

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YOU: “They really stretch a lot, so after a month or so they were actually unwearable even after I put inserts in them so they would not slip off my feet.”

US: Could you please send us an email and tell us the style and sizes you own? Your espadrilles give and loosen up with wear wherever there is tensions (on the big toe, on the bunion if you have one). If they are too spacious to begin with, it may result in your espadrilles becoming too loose over time. To solve that sizing issue, we will now offer only sandals and slides that are much easier with sizing.

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YOU: “What are the best sellers? Do you ship abroad?”

US: Our best seller of the year are by far our Eloise blue sandals. That’s why they’ll be back during our crowdfunding campaign 🙂 The second best seller of the year is our Brigitte red espadrilles. We noted that you love bold colors…. keep tuned for what’s coming!! Regarding shipping, we ship abroad with DHL Express. In case your country wouldn’t be listed at checkout, please send us an email so that we add it to our shipping destinations. Thank you!

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YOU: “For the narrow foot particularly in the heel area, can you give attention to the fir of the narrow heel? I do not have a second question. The shoes are all ideal in design and comfort. Perfect for my lifestyle.”

US: Thank you so much for your feedback! Could you please let us know what style did you get? Some of our customers with narrow heels got that same issue with our wedged espadrilles. That’s why we decided not to feature them in our future collections. We’ll offer only flat sandals that are perfectly fine for narrow heels.

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