PART 2: Our materials



To me, a shoe that is well-made is expertly crafted, comfortable, durable. It is a shoe that has been made with the best quality materials, ethically sourced.
I have been disappointed too many times with shoes to know that I would be uncompromising on the quality and the provenance of the materials we would use for our espadrilles.

Sourcing good quality and ethical materials is expensive, for sure. But buying a pair of espadrilles that costs the same price as a cappuccino isn’t promising. Not for the people who make them, not for the planet, and not for your feet.

We always try our best to source locally in France to minimize our carbon footprint but sometimes, the materials simply don’t exist there.

What makes our espadrilles so special is the leather we use. It definitely takes our espadrilles to another level in terms of comfort and durability. Many of you asked questions about it.
About our leather…
We responsibly source our leather from one of the last family-owned tannery in the south west of France. This tannery partners with the most luxurious couture brands like Hermès, because the leather is incomparable to any others. A majority of the processes is done by hands. It produces the most silky and soft nubuck. The use of vegetable oils makes it water and stain resistant. Some of you witnessed me spilling my Spritz cocktail on my espadrilles and they turned out to be perfectly fine!

Why did we choose this tannery

We chose them not only because of the quality of their leather, but also because they are committed to the ethical treatment of animals (always a byproduct of the meat industry, it is an upcycled resource) and they implemented an eco-friendly waste disposal systems.

The tannery works exclusively with four of the best cattle farms in France and Swiss. Every skin is numbered for traceability matter.

We use a mineral-tanned leather in order to meet our quality standards in terms of suppleness and pigment stability. However, regulation regarding the use of chemicals in industrial activities is rigorous in France and many controls apply. The level of chrome in our leather also meets REACH standards.
Let me know if you have any further questions about our materials in the comment section.
Have a great day!

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