PART 4: Care instructions


Many of you asked me about the durability of Atelier Aliénor’s espadrilles. It is a challenging question because it depends on many things like how often you wear them, the way you walk, the shape of your feet…

That said, as mentioned in my previous newsletters, I’m not compromising on the quality of the materials. All of our espadrilles are designed to last.

The picture above shows two of my own espadrilles I’ve been wearing A LOT these past 3 years. I took them everywhere I went (cities, beach, playgrounds…).
I’ve never used any product, any brush (and maybe I should have before taking this picture!). You can see they look good! The leather has developed a patina over time, and completely conformed to my feet. No thread broke, and the soles look perfectly fine.

Here are a few rules to take good care of them:

1. The exquisite leather we use is water resistant so no need to waterproof them or use any products on them. Demonstration:

2. Try to avoid wearing them in pouring rain (gentle rain is ok). The leather may be water-resistant, but the sole is made from jute, a natural fiber that hardens in the contact of water. We added natural rubber to protect the jute, so you’d be able to walk on a wet floor and it won’t affect the jute. If you walked in a puddle, just wait until your espadrilles dry.
One of you ask if you could wash them in a washing machine, please do not!

3. The leather is stain-resistant. In the video below, you’ll see how to get rid of a stain.
I dropped olive oil on them and used a nubuck crepe brush to clean it.  I just brushed the leather until the stain was gone.
If you don’t have a crepe brush, that’s OK! One of my client called me one day to help her to clean her wedges. One of her friends spilled vinaigrette on them. I massaged the leather while chatting with her and the stain completely went away. She was thrilled!

4. In case you experience any problem with the sewing thread (for example the leather of the upper part is no longer attached to the sole), don’t get rid of them! We’ll have them fixed for you in our workshop in France.

Now you know everything about how to take good care of your espadrilles!
Any further questions? Simply reply to that email.

Next week, we’ll talk about sizing.

Have a wonderful day!

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