PART 5: Sizing


Sizing was your second concern after the care instructions. I’ll try to be as exhaustive as possible!

All of our shoes should have a firm fit and feel snug as a sock at first (as long as they are not uncomfortable and pressing too hard). The leather of the mules and lace-up sandals will give and perfectly conforms to your feet within a few wears. If they are too spacious to begin with, it may result in your espadrilles becoming too loose over time.

Since we’ll have a limited stock of the 2020 collection for exchange, we encourage you to measure your feet at home to be 100% sure!


Here is what you’ll need:
– a sheet of paper
– a ruler
– a pencil or masking tape


1. Barefoot, stand on the sheet of paper with your heel against a straight wall. Do this in the evening, or the afternoon at least, once you’ve been on your feet for a while.
2. Mark the end of your foot with a pencil or by placing a piece of masking tape on the floor parallel to the wall.
3. Stand back up straight and check again. Adjust the tape if necessary.
4. Measure the length of your foot from the heel to your longest toe. Compare this measurement with the lengths (cm) in the size chart below.

Please note:

  • If you’d like to measure the width of your feet, measure the sole of a pair that you usually wear (like ballet shoes or sandals). Compare it to the width of our sole. Be aware that measuring the width of your bare foot may be tricky since the foot tends to sprawl.
  •  We have among our customers women who have wide feet or foot pain linked to bunions. They’re able to wear our shoes thanks to the suppleness and softness of our leather.
  • If you’re in Houston, TX, you’ll be able to book an appointment to try on the shoes to figure out your size.


Notes on the mules and the cross-over sandals:

  • The slides might feel tight at first. However, the leather will loosen up to conform to your feet within minutes.
  • You’ll have to break in the cross-over sandals by using one of our techniques below. Otherwise, they’ll tend to push your feet backward.


I usually recommend to my customers who don’t like snug fit to wear socks in their espadrilles to stretch the leather.
Our new style, the cross-over sandals, has a liner. In order to break them in, stand on your feet wearing them. Point your toes towards the floor like a ballerina. Put some weight on your pointed foot.

Now you know everything about sizing. Next week, I’ll tell you why our espadrilles are so unique!


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