PART 6: Less but better




I come from a family that taught me to think before buying. I grew up with this idea that it is better to wait, save money and be able to afford one well-made product rather than own a lot of cheap ones.
Atelier Aliénor relies on that less, but better philosophy. That’s why the brand has always had a strong focus on QUALITY.
And it means the world to me that you, my dear customers, recognize quality as our core value: we get 91% of 5-star reviews and we have a customer satisfaction score of 9.3 out of 10, even better than Tesla!
When we asked you in the survey why did/would you buy from us, the first thing that came up was the Quality, Comfort & Durability of our espadrilles.

Now, let’s go further into details and discover why they’re so special and different from the majority of the espadrilles.

  • Handmade production

I think handmade objects are true luxury. It is in passing through the hands of our artisans to you that our espadrilles acquire their precious value.
Each espadrille is made with passion and a delicate attention to details.
They’re crafted with a special technique that makes them robust and durable throughout the years (read newsletter n°3).

  • The 100% natural material sole

Do you know what is inside your espadrilles? I asked my husband to bisect one pair made in China that I bought $5 on a French market. It was very easy for him to do it. And that’s what we discovered…


The sole, that is very light, is made of a cheap foam with already fraying jute (or another material?) glued on around the edges.
Then, Adrien bisected one of Atelier Aliénor’s espadrille. You can see they’re entirely made of jute, just like the genuine espadrille.
The main difference between these 2 shoes is the durability: you’ll be able to walk only one summer in the bad quality espadrilles compared to many years with ours.

  • A leather insole



I added a leather insole for comfort. I know how painful it can be to walk on the jute sole of an espadrille.

The great advantage of having a leather insole on top of natural materials is that there is no sweat and no smell. For real!
That’s the kind of shoes you’d want to wear to beat the crazy summer heat.

  • High quality materials

Instead of advertising, I prefer to invest in the quality of the materials and our products. I sought out the best factories with expert know-how to offer you the best quality. Same craftsmanship, same materials as luxurious brand, just not the same price.

Our espadrilles are made with a high quality leather from France. More than thirty processes mostly by hands are needed to make it that soft and supple. The use of oils allows it to be water and stain-resistant (see more details in the newsletters number 2 and 4) so it doesn’t need a lot of care and becomes more beautiful with time.

Our ankle straps are made in a French factory with the most beautiful linen grown in France. These ribbons are very soft to the ankle and hold tight.

Next week, I’ll show you how to style your espadrilles. I met with my friend Paulina who is a stylist here in Houston and asked her to put together 7 outfits.
Have a great week!

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