PART 8: Our cost breakdown



As a customer, I believe transparency builds trust. More and more brands reveal their costs of production and that’s a good move!

With time, we’ve lost connection with the people who makes our clothes we wear everyday. We’ve also forgot the true cost of clothes.

That’s why I want to share with you how much it costs to craft a pair of our espadrilles in France. Labor represents our major cost, and I believe it is a very good thing! We value our craftsmen as much as our customers, so it is absolutely normal they get fairly paid for their beautiful work.

The difference between these costs and the sale price does not represent our net margin. There’s additional costs such as popup stores, retailer commission, photos & videos , website maintenance, legal & other professional fees, taxes, payment fees, utilities… Financing a small business is quite a challenge!

Next week, I’ll let you know why I decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign.
I wish a Merry Christmas!

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