PART 9: Why do we choose crowdfunding



We are launching our first crowdfunding campaign early February and we are more than excited!
Now, you may wonder why we are raising money and why we decided to turn to crowdfunding. Here is why:

We are raising capital through friends, family, our customers and the community that helped us build our foundations to extend our reach and expand our impact here in the US and in France. It is quite a challenge to grow since according to CNBC, female business owners receive 50% less loan funding compared to male business owners.

Sustainability is one of our core values.
Since 30% of all the clothes made around the world are left unsold according to the Australian Circular Fashion Conference (ACFC), the planet doesn’t need more waste.
Unlike traditional crowdfunding campaigns with no maximum quantity, the number of espadrilles available through our campaign will be capped at 350. We are not part of the fast fashion industry, all of our espadrilles are handmade and over-production is a nonsense to us.

The story of our craftsmanship is a cultural heritage in the south of France. Creating things and passing on know-how through generations is part of what makes us human. We need to further educate our community on the importance of preserving these traditional craft skills.

In the last newsletter of our pre-launch campaign, you’ll learn more about who I am and why I decided to create Atelier Aliénor.

I wish you a wonderful day,

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