Taking care of your espadrilles

Care Instructions

Our espadrilles are built to last, but they will last longer if you take good care of them and repair them when needed. Here are some tips to show you both.

Taking care of your espadrilles

The Golden Rule

Avoid wearing  your espadrilles on rainy days. The jute of the sole hardens in contact with water. However, we have added a layer of rubber to the jute sole to protect it as much as possible.

Taking care of your espadrilles

Leather Care

An anecdote on the quality of the leather we use:

“Sunny days in France mean terrace with a view for drinks. One Saturday, I met up with friends. It was very hot, I remember wearing a summery dress with my favorite espadrilles, the lavender sandals. We ordered cocktails. My long-awaited Spritz is finally here, and in a rush, I make an awkward gesture and spill it all over me. My dress has turned neon orange and the color of my espadrilles … has miraculously not changed!

That day I knew the leather we use isn’t great, not at all, it is absolutely wonderful.”

Laurie, founder

Taking care of your espadrilles

How to remove a stain on the leather?

Our leather is stain resistant, which means stains stay on the surface.

In the event of an oily stain, you simply massage the leather until the leather has absorbed the stain.

If that’s not enough, feel free to use a natural crepe brush like the one we offer.

You can gently rub the leather until the stain is completely gone.

Taking care of your espadrilles

How to remove dirt and dust on your espadrilles ?

During the warm season, you often wear your espadrilles and naturally, they get dirty.
That’s why we designed a pretty brush to clean your favorite summer shoes.
It is perfect for removing dirt and dust all over the shoe.
Made in France with love!
Repairs & DIY Tutorials

How to repair an espadrille


“LUXURY IS THAT WHICH CAN BE REPAIRED.” once said Jean-Louis Dumas, from the Hermès family.


If one stitch came out and the leather upper is no longer sewn to the sole, please contact us to receive a repair kit. You will be able to repair your shoe yourself.

In the repair kit, you’ll find a thread and a special needle. You’ll also need scissors.

Here is a tutorial to help you sew your espadrille: